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The United Federation, Inc.’s mission is to promote the humanistic philosophies and ideas portrayed in many fandoms’ mythos in a realistic fashion, conductive to the Continued existence and responsible advancement of humankind.

The organization aims

To provide, promote, and support education and positive legal and social activism in the areas of human rights, racial equality, sexual equality, environmental causes, and space exploration.


In addition, the organization strives to promote a more positive impression of

Fandom fans as intelligent, socially conscious, and active individuals who are aware and concerned about the real world around them. Furthermore, the organization will bring together those persons interested in various aspects of fandom for the purpose of social interaction and community service.


The United Federation, Inc. will create and administer chapters worldwide for the purpose of community service and social interaction as a local level.

Take a

The United Federation, Inc. is working on Conklin Con. Covid 19 hit our non-profit HARD!! we had to stop many of the programs we had started. We tried to get out there and do the food drives, the volunteering ; however not many places had events to volunteer at. We donated what food items we could and even helped out a few families along the way.


We're back to hitting the pavement and making new strives to Bring back The United Federation in a bigger and better way. We're going to focus on what matters. FAMILIES and Our Community!!! During the pandemic many families were hit hard, lost loved ones, their homes and more. One of our Main goals for 2022 is to bring to the area CONKLIN Con. This will help provide revenue for our local businesses, small businesses as well as provide us with funding  we need to continue to work harder on our VERY important HUGE GOAL!!

TO help fight CANCER and to be there for families during their trying times.


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